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Dersingham Parish Council

What does Dersingham Parish Council do for Dersingham?

The Parish Council meets each month and is entitled to have 18 members drawn from the local community on it. These Councillors are elected every four years with co-options or elections when vacancies occur during the term of the Council.

In no particular order, the Parish Council is responsible for specific services around the village. These include most of the street lighting away from the main roads, litter and dog waste bins, the recreation ground and its play equipment, war memorial and gardens, bus shelters and some of the open spaces together with seats and benches, the village sign and other small installations. It provides financial support for local amenities including the Sports Ground, churchyard maintenance and those village and local organisations who bring benefit to Dersingham. These can apply for and often receive grnts. The Council has a statutory right to be consulted about planning applications affecting Dersingham and lsitens to residents' views when making it's comments.

The Council does its best to inform the village by maintaining four notice boards exclusively for official local information and a larger board for the village's own notices. It publishes "Village Voice" magazine every two months and this is delivered to every home in Dersingham and also has an international following with ex-pats. "Village Voice" and its spin off "Village Voice Live", tend to make a surplus which is put to good use about the village.

How does Dersingham Parish Council conduct its business?

The work of the Parish Council is broken down for committees to consider and then, after this detailed work is done, their recommendations come back to the full Council for approval unless the committee has delegated powers and can therefore get on with tasks immediately. Prishioners can speak to Councillors or the Parish Clerk about matters of concern and, if it's not a Parish matter, the problem will be directed to those responsible if at all possible.

How much does all this cost?

The main income of the Council is from a share of the Council Tax. Income is also derived from rent and bank interest. Occasional legacies are also received and are very welcome.

Can I become a Councillor?

Yes. If there is no vacancy when you apply there will be a waiting list for you to go on. Councillors do leave from time to time and it is good to have people wanting to join. Just the Parish Clerk have a note of your interest.

Dersingham Village Sign

Council Meeting

Usually takes place last Monday of the month at 7pm at the Dersingham Infants and Nursery School in Saxon Way.

Any queries should be addressed to:

Dersingham Parish Council Office
4 Post Office Road
Norfolk PE31 6HP

Tel: 01485 541465

Office Open
Mon & Tues 10.30am -2.00pm
Wed & Thurs 10.30am - 12.30pm


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