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About Us and Website Credits

Stella Gooch took over the website in 2005 and has built upon and expanded the community website started originally by two local residents Malcolm Diggins and Barry Gardiner in 2001.  Since then, hits have increased from 50,000 per annum to more than 300,000 per annum promoting Heacham worldwide.   The growth and development of the current site could not have been achieved without the support and input of sponsors, advertisers and other local contributors.   Stella teamed up with Keith Winsor (oapc) to add some professional support so that the site could better keep up with technology advances. Also among the contributors were the Jamestown Committee, Heacham Digital Camera Club and visitors to the area who often submit their favourite photos.

The old photo gallery began life with significant contributions from locals, Maurice Gibbons, Ken Arnott and later Peter Robinson.

Please note: Although this site is Heacham-On-Line you will find the address bar will switch to www.norfolk-on-line.co.uk/heacham/pages/index.php.  This is a second URL route to finding Heacham-On-Line on the internet.

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