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What's On at the Heacham Churches - April 2012


Easter greetings from the Manse

Have you ever mused that if everything shrunk and got smaller you wouldn’t notice any change. Equally if everything uniformly got bigger, again you wouldn’t notice that anything stood out as bigger or smaller. Nothing would in fact have changed, or at the very least you would not have noticed any change.

Well I’ve got to tell you that I have noticed some disturbing changes in my favourite breakfast cereals. They have definitely got smaller! Once upon a time I was satisfied with two s******* w**** but now it’s three and I find I need another w******* to release the same amount of energy!

People certainly noticed when last autumn a well-known chocolate manufacturer admitted that it had reduced the number of chocs in the tins and boxes of their much loved products. This morning the news reported that the UK Border Agency is to be broken up. I can well remember the then Home Secretary Dr. John Reid announcing the creation of this service describing the Home Office Department it replaced in a phrase that really caught on, saying it wasn’t “fit for purpose.” The news today was suggesting that no change could be noticed in the work of its replacement.

Folks may well ask what noticeable difference Easter makes to the world. I often say to people who are looking for change, that the experience of those first disciples and believers has something to tell us. After Jesus was taken from them and crucified and even after some of them had met and experienced the risen Jesus, the buses still didn’t run on time and you still couldn’t find a plumber or electrician when you wanted one! Outwardly the world was very much the same and yet nothing was the same because of their faith, their Easter faith that Jesus who was dead was alive and that he had through selfless and unconditional love conquered the power of sin and death.

Put another way, this new Easter faith in the risen Jesus had changed them good and proper so that nothing was the same and everything had changed. They were different people who saw life and others differently even if the buses didn’t run on time!

Perhaps this could be a kind of way of seeing the Easter faith in the risen Jesus at work in his followers. Have they changed and do they communicate and demonstrate this change in loving and peaceful action and service for God and neighbour and not in a change that brings self-centred superiority and an ugly judgementalism. This can often be the change that happens, the change that stands out and the difference people notice. As His people we need to be fit for purpose.

With every Easter blessing to you and yours,
Rev’d. Kim Nally Methodist Minister 




23/10/11            Sophie Mae Bearton - parents Peter and Lucy
                         Ruby Day - parents Rebecca and Michael

�For anyone who is in Christ there is a new creation�

Faithful Departed (Church linked funerals)

07/02/12       Barbara Mary Sweetingham                     84
15/02/12       Richard Albert Humphreys                       92
27/02/12       Cedric Peter Bales                                  83

"Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted"   We do extend our sympathy and condolences to all who have been bereaved. The church prays for friends and family at the Sunday morning services around the time of the funeral."


10/03/12       Matthew Mitchell and Tammy Ellis

Wedding blessing

24/03/12            James & Julie Inman)   


10.30am       Morning Worship  


1st April      – Philip Batstone  
8th April      – Helen Martin
15th April     – Stephen Watts
22nd April     – Elizabeth MacLeod
229th April      – Rev’d Kim Nally, with Holy Communion

Midweek Communion Service:
This will be on Wednesday 16th April at 10.30am. All who love the Lord are welcome to attend.   

Regular Activities at the Methodist Church

NNew members are welcome to all our regular activities.

MONDAYS: Indoor Bowls 7pm – weekly.
TUESDAYS: Ladies’ Fellowship   2.45pm on 3rd and 17th April
TUESDAYS: Hands and Needles Club:  7.30pm on 3rd and 17th April
THURSDAYS: Monthly Men’s Meeting at 7.00pm on 12th April. All men welcome to join.
FRIDAYS: Indoor Bowls, 7pm weekly

Come along and bring a friend.


8.00am      Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
10.00am     1st April Morning Worship for Palm Sunday                   
8th April Easter Holy Communion                 
15th April Morning Worship                 
22nd April Morning Worship                 
29th April Morning Worship
10.30am   Morning Worship at the Junior School  (Holy Communion on 15th April)   
6.00pm   1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd Evening Worship                 
29th Holy Communion

Easter Services

5th April: Maundy Thursday Service of Holy Communion at 7pm with the Methodist Church
6th April:  Good Friday WALK OF WITNESS at 10am from St. Mary’s Church to the Methodist Church, for an Easter Service at 10.30am
6th April:  Good Friday at 2pm - a quiet hour with readings, silence, and reflections on what happened on that hill outside Jerusalem. 

November Services: Nursing/Residential Homes

Tue 3rd            2.30pm     Rebecca Court
Mon 9th          11.00am    Holy Communion at Millbridge
Wed 18th         2.30pm     Summerville
Fri 27th          10.30am     Fridhem

Annual Meeting of St Mary's:

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will be at 7pm on Monday 16 April in the Church Hall, High Street.  The legal standing of the Church of England mandates that the meeting comes in two parts.  At 7.00 there is a short meeting to elect two Churchwardens for the coming year.  These people are the senior officers of the church.  At 7.15 the Annual Meeting starts at which only those on the Church Electoral Roll may vote.  We elect the Parochial Church Council and other posts, receive the Annual Accounts, review the past year and look ahead.  Refreshments are served.  The Church Annual report will be available in Church and at the School congregation from the beginning of April.

UNITED WORSHIP FOR HOLY WEEK Heacham’s two churches, St. Mary’s and the Methodist Church, will be holding united worship in Holy Week. On Maundy Thursday 5th April we will share in a Communion Service at 7pm at St. Mary’s. On Good Friday we shall hold our Walk of Witness, starting at St. Mary’s at 10am, walking via the Church Hall in Heacham High Street, down to the Methodist Church in Station Road, arriving at 10.30am for a united service conducted by Rev’d Kim Nally. This will be followed with tea and Hot Cross Buns. We welcome all who wish to join the Walk. If you are unable to walk the full distance please join at the half way point, which is St. Mary’s Church Hall in the High Street, where we shall pause for prayer before continuing. If you are unable to do the Walk at all you are welcome to go straight to the Methodist Church in time for the united service at 10.30am.

Easter Day, Sunday 8th April Celebrate the Risen Saviour on Easter Day at the Methodist Church 10.30am service conducted by Helen Martin, or at St. Mary’s at 10am Easter Morning Worship with Rev’d Steve Davies.  Everyone is very welcome to join us for either service.

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