Adopt a Bed Scheme

Adopt a Bed Scheme (part of Hunstanton In Bloom)

In the early stages of Hunstanton’s participation in the Royal Horticultural Society’s Anglia-in-Bloom competition, the Hunstanton Gardeners’ Association (HGA) were asked if they could recruit a team of volunteers to help with the care of the flower beds in the Esplanade Gardens overlooking The Wash.

Esplanade Gardens - photo by Lucy Pickup

Esplanade Gardens – photo by Lucy Pickup

Members of the HGA plus other volunteers soon came forward and the newly-formed team of volunteers were dubbed “Adopt-a-Bedders”.

Members of the Adopt A Bed Scheme do not sponsor the beds (ie they do not have to pay for the plants) because the beds are planned by the Borough Council, who also provide the plants which are planted by the Council’s team of gardeners. The role of the Adopters is to maintain the beds throughout the year by regularly inspecting, weeding and dead-heading.

One morning a couple of years ago (circa 2012), a hastily assembled emergency working party planted around three hundred roses in the newly prepared beds and a small group of Adopters have now added pruning the roses to their list of jobs.

Moss Bakery's Wildflower Cart - photo by Stella Gooch

Moss Bakery’s Wildflower Cart – photo by Stella Gooch

As of summer 2014, the team has 25 members and we are always glad to welcome new ‘Adopters’ because, even if there is not a plot vacant immediately, they are very useful for helping out during holidays or sickness.

Adopt-a-Bedders also have an important unofficial – and very pleasant – opportunity to act as Ambassadors for Hunstanton. Visitors can easily appreciate the commitment and dedication put in by the Adopt-a-Bedders.

If you would like to join the Adopt-a-Bedders or want to find out more please call Max Dolby on 01485 532884.