Hunstanton’s main beach is very clean and  has been awarded a Blue Flag and a Quality Cost Award for many successive years

Hunstanton Beach - photo by Stella GoochHunstanton rests on the north-west corner of Norfolk at the mouth of The Wash.  Hunstanton Beach is one of the key attractions of this Norfolk seaside resort. It is thought to be one of the safest and cleanest beaches in the United Kingdom, with its famous cliffs and many sources of family entertainment and amusements along its front. You don’t need to book cheap flights abroad and go outside the UK just to have a relaxing vacation. Hunstanton Beach has all the right factors that make for a great getaway.

The limitless horizon and vast skies in Norfolk allow real enjoyment of the often spectacular sunsets over the sea on offer here in Hunstanton. The effect of the changing colours and cloud formations provide the setting for many a romance. This stretch of Norfolk’s coastline is truly the sunset coast. In Hunstanton the progression of the setting sun lasts hours longer than in other west facing locations – up to a staggering 5½ hours is possible!! So when it is a great sunset (which is very common in Hunstanton) you have literally hours to enjoy it. Once the sun goes below the horizon in Hunstanton it remains light for hours after – often aided by a beautiful moon rising from the East.

The beach at Old Hunstanton is very distinctive in that it is covered in attractive sprawling sand dunes. The beach to the other side of Hunstanton Town is more open sand. Many watersports enthusiasts are attracted to the Norfolk coast and, in particular, Hunstanton, such as kite surfers and wind surfers. Other activities enjoyed on Hunstanton beach are parasailing and even kite buggies along the sand. Norfolk is also well known for attracting many species of migrant and sea birds. Some birdlife often seen off Hunstanton during the year include Gannets, Guillemots, Long-Tailed Ducks and Velevet Scoters, Petrels and Eider Ducks.

Hunstanton’s 830 foot pier was built in 1870 but was destroyed in a storm on 11 January 1978. There are hopes that the pier will be rebuilt in Hunstanton at some time in the future.

Another famous landmark located on the cliffs at Hunstanton is the lighthouse.