Parking – Hunstanton to Kings Lynn

Save money on parking charges by by purchasing a ROVER car parking ticket from the Tourist Information Centre.  These tickets will only be issued to holiday makers visiting the borough.  ROVER car parking tickets cost just £17.60 and it is valid on all of car parks in the resorts of Hunstanton and Heacham, as well as all long-term car parks in King’s Lynn for a period of seven days from the date of purchase.

Costs correct as at summer 2013 – to ensure you have the up to date costs please contact Hunstanton Tourist Information Centre on 01485 532610.

Be aware that traffic wardens are very diligent in Hunstanton so please park appropriately.

Read the following information to help avoid a fine around the taxi rank area!

Hunstanton Taxi RankHunstanton Taxi Rank is available for taxis to park in only (no exceptions)

    • A very small sign at the top of a pole identifies the location but it is very easy to miss if you’re not looking.  The sign reads: “No Stopping Except Taxis”.
    • Ignore this sign at any time (day or night) at your peril  – the car park attendants have the authority to issue an INSTANT £70 Parking Penalty on the spot.
    • Taxi ranks are positioned with health and safety in mind. Taxis cannot safely or legally park anywhere else.  If they do park anywhere else then the taxi driver will lose their taxi license (which they have to pay circa £300 per annum to hold).
    • The only time that hackney taxis (the ones with the lit up TAXI sign on top) can legally park in any other space is when they receive a direct booking to pick up at a specific location such as a pub or restaurant.
    • Click for more information on local taxi ranks.