Tracey Swann RIP – Champion of Heacham Fire Station and More

When I woke up Sunday morning and took a peek at the local Facebook groups I noticed the “emergency” messages for Tracey Swann to urgently contact her son immediately. I had not heard about the fire even though I had in fact been visiting friends in Heacham that evening.  As I trawled through my personal Facebook page I saw some comments with Tracey’s name attached to them.  As horrible realisation dawned I could not believe what I was seeing so I confirmed independently and yes it was true. Despite the best … Continue reading

Heacham Fire Station Saved Now Firefighters Needed!

The “Save Heacham Fire Station” campaign, resulted in the retention of Heacham Fire Station for the benefit of our local communities.  During the campaign, Norfolk County Council received one of the highest responses to any public consultation on record as well as petitions against cuts to the Fire and Rescue Service.  Happily, Heacham Fire Station was saved as a result and now Heacham Fire Station NEEDS YOU and is now recruiting.  Come along to Heacham Fire Station  each Monday evening, 7.00-9.00pm to find out more. … Continue reading