Variety Show at College of West Anglia Goes Down a Storm

A Parent’s Review of the 2014 College of West Anglia’s Variety Show
Posted by Sandra Hohol

TheatreThe atmosphere was positively buzzing this week as Years 1 and 2 Performing Arts Students at the College of West Anglia took to the stage to showcase their talents and achievements of the past year. They all embraced their roles magnificently, displaying the art of improvisation and entertainment at its best!

The variety show was the final practical assignment of their busy year. It marks the culmination of the work of all those students who are shortly completing their courses with work selected or devised by themselves. They had even been rehearsing their work in their own time.

The air was electric with the music and energetic dance routines, with proficient acrobatics for the size of the stage! There were highlights but very few lower moments, and with about forty routines, they certainly worked hard to put their hearts and souls in to such an action packed, non-stop, show!

The audience was privileged to see some awesome performances throughout the evening. Not forgetting the stand up comedian doing ‘front of curtain’ with his chatter of one-liners and ukulele! Several different genres were presented and the students excelled themselves in each piece with flair, confidence and quality!

Action-packed from start to finish (almost three hours!), the students hardly rested, but there was one sketch which really stood out from the rest. ‘Two Little Boys’ was a powerful and skilfully written story by a Year 2 student – a clever twist on Rolf Harris’s tale, but with the same theme which brought tears to everyone’s eyes. With the celebration of the centenary of the First World War and the D-day landings of the Second World War, this very poignant storyline brought back memories to some and moved others totally. Amazing and exceptional performances. Maybe one day this will be shown to a national audience!

Besides many other superb performances, there was one word from one actor which sent the audience into instant hysterics every time he spoke and the way the word was delivered! It was a very simple scene, where four actors were treading elderberries for wine in a bath tub and chanting a rhyming tune. Dressed as a woman, his distinguished dulcet tones finished off each verse perfectly as he turned his face to the audience. Plus he was scooping and drinking, so promptly fell out of the bath at the end, drunk! ‘Elderberry’!

In such a cut throat industry, there will be many saddened aspirations, but it will only be the determined ones who have the endless passion, persistent drive and exhaustive enthusiasm, whose dreams will come true. If they all continue with their excellent work, they will all be successful in which ever path they choose to take in the wonderful and exciting world of the Performing Arts! Well done to you all and good luck in the future!

More support would be greatly appreciated and you will not be disappointed! The shows are always towards the end of each term and well worth seeing. Tickets are cheap, programmes and light refreshments are free. Next show is December.



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