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Kite surfing  off Hunstanton by Frank GogertyHunstanton attracts watersports enthusiasts from all over the UK, and possibly the world, throughout the year.  These waterbabies come to advantage of the ideal local beach conditions.  Here they pursue water ski-ing, canoeing, kite surfing and wind surfing etc.

Hunstanton’s flat, shallow water and large open beaches has earned the town a reputation for having one of the best beaches on which to learn kitesurfing.  At low tide the water becomes flat and shallow but gets a little choppy as the tide comes in.  The most favoured conditions here are at low tide when the sandbar emerges on the outside and the water is flat.  Other activities enjoyed on Hunstanton Beach are parasailing and even kite buggies along the sand.

Nearby Old Hunstanton is the place to go though when the tide reaches the groynes.  At high tide there is no beach so its time to rest and explore Hunstanton. Kiters must, however, be aware of rips and tides as the beach can appear to vanish very quickly when you are engrossed in the sport.

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Hunstanton Kayaks

Hunstanton Kayaks
Paddle Boarding & Kayaking looking back at the stunning Hunstanton cliffs.  What could be better!

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Hunstanton Kayaks School North promenade, Hunstanton, Norfolk PE36 5BJ T: 07810 188165
Hunstanton Watersports School 8 Southend Rd, Hunstanton, Norfolk, PE36 5AW T: 01485 534455