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About Us and Website Credits

Stella Gooch launched the original Hunstanton-On-Line on the back of the long-established Heacham-On-Line with tremendous local assistance.  The two sites were redeveloped in 2010 with the new Heacham site was launched in March 2010 and Hunstanton-On-Line followed in April 2010.  The new sites draw on lessons learned. Stella teamed up with Keith Winsor (oapc) to add some professional support so that the site could better keep up with technology advances.

Below are details of key people who have helped move the sites along and supported by efforts.  Although not shown here, Frank Gogerty is also a major contributor of Hunstanton photos for which I thank him.

Please note: Although this site is Hunstanton-On-Line you will find the address bar will switch to www.norfolk-on-line.co.uk/hunstanton/pages/index.php.  This is a second URL route to finding Hunstanton-On-Line on the internet.

Please also note: The old photo gallery will be back and continue to grow at the earliest opportunity later in the year. 

Hunstanton Town Sign

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