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About Us and Website Credits

Norfolk-On-Line evolved as a result of a family of local websites supporting West Norfolk.

Stella Gooch took over the original Heacham-On-Line village website in 2005 and the site grew in usefulness as a community website over several years.  Alongside the site development, site traffic also increased from 50,000 per annum to more than 300,000 per annum promoting Heacham worldwide.  

The successful growth and development of Heacham-On-Line led to a repeat structure for Hunstanton-On-Line in 2007.

In late 2009, work began on a new Heacham and Hunstanton-On-Line which would allow the management of additional local sites to further promote the area.  In March 2010, the new Heacham-On-Line was launched, followed by Hunstanton-On-Line in April 2010.

At the end of summer 2010, Dersingham-On-Line and then Snettisham-On-Line joined the group of sites.

Work still continues to improve Dersingham and Snettisham-On-Line to get them on the same level at Heacham and Hunstanton-On-Line.  At the same time Norfolk-On-Line will evolve to support the group and Norfolk generally.

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