Sunset on Heacham Beach by Sue Giles

Norfolk - the Place for Romance

Sunsets to drown in, quiet country walks - coastal and inland, beaches and nature

Norfolk is well known as a rural retreat and particularly ideal for the romantic getaway at any time of the year.  If you are reaffirming your undying love for your long-term partner, or get ting to know someone new Norfolk hits the spot and you are soon caught up in its magic. 

The undulating countryside, endless beaches and open skies provide the backdrop for many a courtship and the cementing of an existing romance.  If that wasn’t enough, the Sunset Coast of Norfolk offers breathtaking sunset views to an open horizon which only adds to the magic. Norfolk is full of romance, history and tradition.  This is encapsulated in its very own romantic tradition which is apparently unique to the area.  As far back as Victorian times, lovers in Norfolk  were visited on Valentine’s Eve by “Jack Valentine” or “Father Valentine” or even “Mother Valentine.  Whilst other parts of the country received a love letter or card, Norfolk lovers were more generous with regard to their Valentine gifts than their Christmas presents.  Bags full of love tokens were left on the doorstep to be found as the giver quietly disappeared after knocking.  When Jack Valentine called he would also leave small gifts for the children in the family such as comics or sweets.  Today it is children who are most likely to be visited, with gifts left at the front or back door, or even a parcel that would magically disappear when the door was opened and the child wasn’t quick enough to catch it! Jack Valentine remains popular in Norfolk today.

Norfolk's Sunset Coast

It is well known that Norfolk has big skies.  This is because there are no mountains and valleys to limit the horizon.  On any day you can look skywards above the setting sun and marvel at the delicate wisps of cirrus clouds and feel truly close to nature.  Fantastic sunsets are appreciated by lovers the world over.  Our sunsets offer real soul food - get your soul food right here in Norfolk.  Even the Australian sunset cannot equal the sunset you find along our sunset coastline.  The difference in sunset times for the longest and shortest days of the year is about 2½ hours.  Along Norfolk's Sunset Coast it is 5½ hours!!  This means that, during mid-Summer, the sun lingers over the task.  So when it is a great sunset (which is very common in Heacham, Hunstanton, Holme and Snettisham) you have literally hours to enjoy it.  In Australia you literally have minutes. Once the sun goes below the horizon on this coastline it remains light for hours after - often aided by a beautiful moon rising from the East.

However, you and your heart's desire wish to celebrate a great relationship you will want to do it somewhere special with just the right ambience.  Norfolk has it all.
Norfolk County Sign

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